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Asfour For Mining and Refractories

Is a leading manufacturer of refractory products and solutions. The company prides itself with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Asfour has worked with a number of sectors from Steel, Cement, Fertilizers, Sugar, Sanitary Ware, Ceramics, Petrochemicals, Chimneys and more. With presence in more than 30 countries across the globe, Asfour’s wide range of refractory products have been a source of knowledge, experience and ability to tailor sophisticated solutions to customer requirements.

Established in 1982, and known as the Egyptian Company for Refractories, the company was built as the country’s main refractory supplier to meet increasing local demand from the cement and steel industries; which consumed large volumes of refractory products. After Asfour Company acquired the Egyptian Refractories Company in 2007, the company has been able to develop, innovate and evolve in order to expand its range of business by supplying refractory raw materials, products and solutions to more than 10 industries both locally and abroad.

We are currently amongst the largest refractory manufacturers in the region, employing more than 500 engineers, technicians, and workers. Our annual production capacity surpasses 100,000 Tons of refractory products and materials. We hope to maintain our position as market leaders in Egypt, continue to strive for excellence in European markets, where we have strong presence in countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Poland, and grow our current capacity in Asian markets.

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Our mission is to provide our customers all over the world with the high quality refractory products and solutions.

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Our vision is to become the region’s largest refractory producer.


service which includes the full operational process of refractory material installation. This process has been widely recommended by our clients as it ensures optimal kiln performance.

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